Innovation lies at the heart of what we do

Encouraging new ideas, whilst adapting and improving existing solutions is key to our innovation strategy to provide sustainable solutions. In an ever changing world the constants are always customer challenges and improving performance in a shorter timeframe.

We excel in providing bespoke solutions, by adapting and refining common standard building blocks to address new challenges, whilst at the same time providing sustainable solutions, which can be maintained, updated and refurbished over their complete life cycle. We achieve this through innovation.

Testing is a way of reducing uncertainty

In a VUCA world, testing is increasingly important for society as a whole as it enables new technology to be proven before being diffused and ensures it is both safe and reliable. In this pursuit of certainty, corporations have to be rigorous, as the impact of an immature technology embedded too early into a product or service could be devastating to their image, their shareholders and their innovation capability.

Technology S-Curve Model

This archetypal fear of failure often decreases appetite for innovation and adoption of new technologies but every technology will ultimately be replaced by another one. The S-Curve model shows how technology has irreversibly changed the world of ATE and how technologies have shaped its evolution.

To date, Spherea has gone through two ATE technological ages and is investing into the new age of testing that has already started with the rise of HIL, digital twin, MBSE, AI and embedded health monitoring systems.

Within a few decades, ATE may no longer exist. This is why we constantly look into the future and seek ways to create sustainable value for our customers.

We reinvest 8% of our annual turnover into our R&D program, whether through partners or using our own in-house capability. We encourage and support our engineers to develop new ideas and concepts, as you never know where the next good thing will come from. This has allowed us to provide a wide range of solutions to our customers which far exceed typical market performance, including:

  • Very low noise measurements
  • Realtime remote control
  • Automated TPS rehost
  • Test Station emulation

Our People

All our programme managers have technical backgrounds. They are typically experienced hardware and software engineers with long-standing experience in the development of test systems. Selected for their ability to see the bigger picture as well as their communication and customer-facing skills, we provide them with regular project management training (PRINCE2 certified) to ensure they are consistently up to date with the latest industry requirements.

"Spherea’s Subject Matter Experts are always willing and able to answer our questions and resolve our issues. They provide state of the art Automatic Test Equipment solutions, which consistently meet or exceed our expectations."

Senior Officer, International Navy