A range of in-house developed products for standalone use or as part of an integrated test solution

We have developed a wide range of products through our internal R&D programme which complement the customer-focussed projects that we deliver. From the engineering development phase to production and to the aftermarket we have an existing product line which can be used out of the box or adapted as required.

ATEC® Series 7

As the market leading test system for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft equipment, ATEC is the go-to choice of the world's leading airlines and MROs.

In service since the earliest days of Concorde, ATEC has undergone many developments and upgrades with the current Series 7 providing the fastest and most complete testing solution in this domain.

In partnership with major equipment manufacturers, our current testing library is extensive and covers the entire Airbus and Boeing civil fleets. Whilst the range of products and platforms that ATEC supports is constantly expanding we provide a suite of support packages including the implementation of improvements, modifications and upgrades and obsolescence management through a proactive programme of monitoring, advice and recommendations.

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ATEC systems deployed worldwide


Test-related product lines


Airworthiness certified TPS worldwide

General Purpose Military Automatic Test Equipment (GP-MATE)

Our range of GP-MATE support major Defence programmes in three countries:

  • UK: Challenger 2, Starstreak, Merlin, AS-90
  • France: Leclerc MBT, Rafale, Scorpion, Tiger, Vabobs, Hawkeye
  • Germany: NH90

It is a generic solution which enables multiple equipment from different platforms and OEMs to be tested on the same test equipment, thus unlocking economy of scope.

It provides a unique, modular and generic capability to increase readiness of military platforms in the field whilst reducing the cost of operations, logistics and overall in-service support.

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Dyna Series

Designed to answer the increasing demands of production, the Dyna test system is the ultimate weapon to tackle a challenging production environment. Its innovative design is the result of a multi-million Euro R&D effort capitalising on 50 years of test experience across more than 500 test programs.

Its speed has been optimised through a mix of software and hardware, reducing internal wiring to a minimum whilst bridging the typical complexity of a Test Unit Adapter (TUA) within the bench.

It can also unlock troubleshooting capability for clients who wish operations not only to detect the problems but also to solve them. Its virtual TUA and modular architecture enables it to be quickly reconfigurable to adapt to evolutions more rapidly.

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U-Test® Virtual Test Bench

From completely virtual to hybrid to a physical test bench, U-Test® is able to perform both mechanical tests and avionic functional tests. Using U-Test® will reduce your integration time and offer early validation of software modules.

With U-Test® you will have a unique test environment for all development phases.

WIZE® Wiring Tester

The WIZE® electrical harness tester offers:

  • The ability to test a complete range of cables (from individual cable sets to a whole aircraft) as well as individual items of equipment.
  • A range of formats from simple carry-case based test system to a turnkey rack-mounted whole system test bench.

The WIZE® wiring tester fits perfectly into the industrial production chain from the manufacture of electrical systems to their integration into complex systems (aircraft, trains, satellites, etc.).

Connected Shopfloor

Working with major airframers and equipment providers, we have developed a suite of products to enable end-to-end integration of the test procedure lifecycle. This includes features such as automatic traceability, impact analysis, centralised and collaborative tools and the capture and logging of operations and results.

Our solution is fully-customisable and offers remote access to optimise lead times, cost and test quality whilst vastly improving the visibility of operations.

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Testability and Model Based Testing

We have developed an integrated suite of tools and services which allow you to verify that your designs and deployed systems continue to meet their specification​. These tools can be used to:

  • Target different areas of a product’s life cycle​
  • Provide an end-to-end support solution​
  • Work with standard formats to allow information to move seamlessly through the stages of a system’s life cycle

Group Products

A much larger range of products is available through Spherea group. Information about these can be found by clicking the button below.

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“By identifying and training technical product leads in the UK and connecting them with the respective product owners in the rest of the group, we are confident that any solutions based on the group’s capability will deliver on their full potential.”

Nicolas Favarcq, Spherea group CTO