Optimise your operations with us, both in space and on the ground.

With a range of simulation tools, test systems and EGSEs deployed in support of R&D and production activities we allow our customers to concentrate on getting their designs and production requirements right. We regularly work side by side with product development teams, where requirements are rarely frozen and we know how to adapt our own processes so that unnecessary duplication of work and resultant cost overruns can be avoided.

Our diversification into the space sector began more than 10 years ago when we were invited to align the expertise we had accumulated in civil aerospace and defence with the increasing complexity and criticality of modern satellites. Since then we have worked with Europe's leading platform manufacturers, OEMs and universities to develop a range of test solutions. From production test systems for next generation communications chipsets, to EGSEs to simulate the next scientific satellite mission or the deployment of our U-Test product line to create a digital twin for future applications, we are involved in all stages of development.

It is crucial to make use of well thought out and complex test solutions to meet the ever increasing challenge of conquering space.


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Test systems come in all shapes and sizes, from simple test boxes and harnesses to highly-complex, multi-bay test racks. Although there will always be cases where a bespoke solution is required, wherever possible we take a modular approach based on industry-standard PXI architecture which meets the currently identified need whilst allowing for expansion further down the road.

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A suite of services ranges from providing specialist advice to government and industry leaders on test standards in the military domain to performing full audits of your existing test capability and recommending new approaches based on best practice, performance requirements and budget constraints.

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Test system development, especially when it is run alongside product development, brings several layers of complexity to the process. Whilst there is no silver bullet to counter all issues and not all outcomes can be predicted, our dedicated programme management division brings an adaptive and flexible approach to address the complexities, uncertainties and challenges surrounding each project.

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We know how to bring new life to old systems without compromising on compliance and ensure that commercial sensitivities are managed through a careful balance of value for money and technical assurance. Our in-house suite of tools can be easily adapted to your legacy test system to allow for seamless integration of new hardware without compromising the functionality of the legacy system.

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From fixture design and software development to qualification and production testing, our team of engineers can work with you to develop, update, support and use your test means. We leverage our group’s global footprint and industry-specific knowledge to provide you with a full suite of test engineering expertise whether remotely from our engineering centre of excellence or embedded into your team.

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From the engineering development phase, where our U-test system simulation tool creates a digital twin, to production, where our Dyna test bench provides qualification and production testing for multiple LRUs and to our signature ATEC system which supports a huge range of product lines, we have the right product line for your needs. Alongside these lie a range of value add options such as our electrical harness testing solution (WIZE®) and a full suite of RF products.

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From our first fully analogue ATEs which used early transistors & Fortran programming, to the introduction of the first PC, floppy disks, Ethernet, VXI, PCI, PXI, PXIe and on to modern ultra high speed ATE building on Hardware in the Loop & System integration benches, we have been there every step of the way. Our well-funded R&D programme ensures we will remain at the forefront of innovation and development.

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